Vision & Plan 

St. Paul’s Lutheran Church – New Ulm, MN

Adopted – May, 2012; Updated -November, 2015


Core Values

(What we care about most; our guiding principles)


We value…

… the Triune God, his wonderful works and his unchanging word that serves as a foundation for pure doctrine and godly lives.

… the privilege of carrying out the Great Commission to God’s glory  through a balance of outreach and nurture, and a strong church and strong schools.

… the Holy Spirit’s power at work through God’s word and sacraments.

… the spiritual life and maturity that result from faithful use of God’s word and sacraments.

… the blessings of parents providing Christian education for their children with church and  schools  assisting them.

… the partnership in ministry of spiritually mature, friendly and active members, called workers and lay leaders.

… the blessing of biblical, dynamic and appealing worship involving many people and a variety of arts. 


Core Mission

(Our central purpose, cause, passion or reason we exist)

We make and nurture disciples of Jesus.


Ten-year Target

(What we are aiming to become, with God’s blessing, by 2022) 

St. Paul's is a Lutheran congregation in which members are growing in faith, faithful in worship, active in ministry, passionate for and participating in outreach, and supportive of families through Christian education.


Three-year Picture

(What we plan to accomplish, with God’s blessing by 2019.) 

Enhance Christian Education  (Child Discipleship / Council ) 

  • Improve and Expand Our Present School Facility   (Council)       
  • Provide a Strong, Differentiated Curriculum    (Child Discipleship)                                          
  • Determine the future for our Pre-K and after-school-day-care programs (Child Discipleship)                                      


Equip Parents   (Child Discipleship / Family & Youth)

  • Prepare People for and Encourage Them in Family Bible Study At Home                      
  • Promote Spiritual Growth for Children, Parents, and Families                  


Communicate Well   (Council & Boards)

  • Publish Information on the TLC Fund and Good Samaritan Program   (Elders)                       
  • Educate Members on the Available Communication Channels  (Council)                                                         
  • Increase the Perceived Transparency     (Council)                                                                               
  • Help Members to Bridge the Member-leader Gap   (Council)                      
  • Improve Church Signage  (Properties)                                                                                                   


Get People into God’s Word  (Adult Discipleship)

  • Prepare People for and Encourage Them in Personal Bible Study                                   
  • Prepare People for and encourage Them in family Bible study at Home                       
  • Encourage & Increase Involvement in Corporate Bible Study                        


Grow Godly Stewardship    (Gifts & Talents)                                                                 

  • Grow Financial Stewardship                                                                                                                      
  • Help Members Discover and Use Their Gifts And Talents (MM)                                               
  • Promote Whole-Life Stewardship                                                                                              


Reach Out in Our Community (Outreach)

  • Conduct On-going Media Campaign                                                                                      
  • Position Well St. Paul’s in the Community                                                                           
  • Involve Congregation in Outreach                                                                                             


Retain & Involve Youth      (Family & Youth)

  • Retain Our Youth after Confirmation                                                                        
  • Assimilate/ Involve Youth through Intergenerational Interaction and service               
  • Involve Young Adults in Worship                                                                                                


Provide God-Glorifying & People Edifying Worship  (Elders)

  • Maintain Variety in Worship                                                                                                          
  • Provide Singable Music                                                                                                                                  
  • Pastors Preach Biblical Pertinent Sermons with Good Life Applications  
  • Involve Young Adults in Worship