We are rolling out our Access ACS membership program - an online system for connecting to your congregation and its ministries. One of the nicest features of this new system is how it can benefit our members! By setting up your own online account you will be able to easily view and edit your personal profile, including contact information, church involvement, giving, attributes, and much, much more! 

IMPORTANT 1st STEP: When you follow the link below to set up your account, please click on "Need a login? - CLICK HERE." Then you will be asked to enter your email address. It can be any active address, but it MUST BE ONE THAT THE CHURCH OFFICE HAS ON FILE. If you need to add or update your email list with the church, please email it to Renee. Then allow 1 to 2 business days for Renee to update your records before continuing. Thanks!

To sign up for Access ACS please click this link.

Already signed up? Click here to get to the Access ACS Login Page.