Immediate Ministry Opportunities

We are blessed to have you in our congregation. We have such a diverse group of gifts and talents in the body of Christ right here at St. Paul’s. So many people are active in service! Thank you!

As we look forward to the valuable ministries going on among us, please consider using your gifts and talents to help. This site gathers together various immediate opportunities for you to serve. If you feel you might be able to help, please contact the church office.

Long term opportunities to serve can be found by logging into AccessACS. If you need any help with accessing your account in AccessACS, please contact the church office.

Jesus Ministry – Growing in God’s Word: Youth | Matthew 19:14

  • Co-Teacher in the Sunday School (9:30 – 10:30 am) Kindergarten Classroom (One to two months each year with a partner)
  • Wednesday School (6:30 – 7:30 pm) teacher or helper (Help sit with students, help with craft, and support the teacher)
  • Jesus Cares (10:00 – 11:00 am Saturdays) teacher or helper (Teach simple Bible lessons or assist with craft or music)

Stephen Ministry – Fellowship Time and Behind the Scenes | Acts 6

  • Coffee Time Volunteer (Set out donuts/ cookies as well as make coffee and keep the coffee pots full at Sunday Morning Fellowship Time – serve on a rotating team)
  • Projection/Slide Advancer for Worship (Work with our tech crew to run the projection for worship services – Saturday, Sunday or Monday Night – whenever you sign up to worship. Observe for a Sunday and see if it fits you!)

Barnabas Ministry – Encouragement | Acts 11:23

  • Mentoring Program (Meet periodically to encourage a new member or person in need of encouragement or instruction in areas ranging from budgeting to cooking to “Christian common sense”)
  • Worship Greeters (Sign up for your usual service to keep an eye out for new visitors or new members and greet them and make them feel welcome)

Go Ministry – Reaching Out | Matthew 28:19-20

  • New Mover’s Program (Stop by homes/apartments of people new to their location, smile and drop off a gift basket from St. Paul’s Ev. Lutheran! Usually 5-10 homes a month. Try it once and see how it goes.)
  • Truth in Love Ministry Test Group (Join a small group Bible Study to meet 8 weeks in a row for a one hour interactive Bible Study which trains us as Christians to build bridges not barriers in reaching out with the good news of Jesus. Dates and Times to be determined by group.)