Tag: quarrelsome wife

Jun 2017

GOD’S WISDOM FOR YOU PROVERBS 21:17-19 17 He who loves pleasure will become a poor man. He who loves wine and oil will never be rich. Verse 17 is straightforward and clear: If you live it up too much, you will end up with nothing. Jesus uses this simple point as part of his parable, the Prodigal Son, although his main point there is on repentance and forgiveness (Luke 15:21-23). In verse 15 we saw that when justice is done, it brings “joy” (Heb. simhah) to the righteous. Here, loving simhah “pleasure”......

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Apr 2017

GOD’S WORD FOR YOU JUDGES 14:15-20 15 On the fourth day they said to Samson’s wife, “Persuade your husband to explain the riddle to us. If you don’t, we will burn you and your father’s family to death. Did you invite us here to rob us? ” This passage is amazing to me because of the degree of violence implied in the threat. The test for Samson’s wife at this point was this: Did she trust that her husband could protect her and her family? The uncircumcised Philistines were violating God’s fifth and......

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