Building Project

Spring 2019 will march start of the building project at St. Paul’s Lutheran School. This will be the first major renovation and change for the school building in over 40 years. Keep reading to find out what will be included.

This page will continue to be updated as details are finalized in the coming months.

We Started with Success – Items Completed

Because of concerns over safety and handicap accessibility, St. Paul’s spent over $535,000 to install handicap accessible restrooms and a new road shared with District 88 between Payne and Garden Streets. This dollar amount also covered a significant portion of architectural fees. Completion of these items has served our school well and gives us a jump on the next phase of construction.

2019 Building Project Items

Renovation of Current Facility

Over forty-seven years have passed since the completion of our present school facility. While we have been maintaining our building, the time has come for a variety of maintenance updates:

Safety: Safety improvements are the school’s number one priority. There are concerns about traffic flow. Delivery trucks can only access unloading areas via play areas. We also have need for a sprinkler system and other safety features. Science education, especially in the upper grade levels, is limited due to lack of lab space with adequate safety features.

Handicap Accessibility: St. Paul’s School is bi-level but has no elevator. The result is that children with physical handicaps must be taken outside or carried up and down steps. Renovations would include an elevator for those unable to do stairs and will also be large enough for moving furniture.

Necessary Upgrades: Windows, ceilings, floors, and more will receive a new look. The heating and ventilation system will be up-graded and air-conditioning will be added to make our classrooms conducive to learning. Kitchen upgrades will improve efficiency and maintain food safety standards.


An addition is being proposed to address the following needs:

Office Location: Our office is located in the middle of the building on the second floor and is not easily accessible to parents and visitors. A main entrance renovation will be completed with offices for greater accessibility and to comply with today’s security measures. The lower level main entry will have a new look.

Early Childhood Center: Early childhood education for years has been a part of our educational program. Increased enrollments and potential for even more students, creates the need for more classroom and day-care space. The addition would provide four rooms for the Early Childhood Center and provide us with the facilities to provide a top-notch early-childhood program.

Changing Education Needs: There are factors in education today that weren’t prevalent years ago. More space is needed for STEM education, small groups, and individualized learning especially in special education. Schools can no longer pack large numbers of students in classrooms as was the case generations ago. More space is needed for after-school care.

Project Images and Renderings