Frequently Asked Questions

Check back frequently to see the latest questions and answers about the campaign and building project.

Why isn’t the project starting sooner?

Since 2012 St. Paul’s has added 5 staff member’s salaries to our budget. While this has been a rich blessing to our church and school, we do not want to undermine our important ongoing ministry with a building project we cannot support financially. It is important we raise funds before beginning the project to minimize the amount we have to borrow and to pay as little interest as necessary.

What will be included in the 2019 renovations?

Windows, ceilings, floors, and more will receive a new look. The heating and ventilation system will be upgraded and air conditioning will be added. Kitchen upgrades will improve efficiency and maintain food safety standards.

What specifically will be included in the 2019 building project?

The main entrance on the lower level will be increased in size and renovated with offices and an elevator. This will allow greater accessibility and comply with today’s security measures. Above the new lower level entrance, more smaller multipurpose classrooms will be added. The addition will provide four rooms for the Early Childhood Center.

Will there be a childcare center?

We will not have childcare available for all ages. With the new space that will be available in our Early Childhood wing, we will be able to offer both a traditional PreK program, as well as an extended care PreK program.

Will the gym be built? If not, when will that part of the project be completed?

When the building project was first discussed, a new gym and locker rooms were proposed, along with new upper level kindergarten classrooms. The church council and St. Paul’s voters decided to start with the smaller, more financially manageable project with which we will continue. As funds become available, consideration will be given to going ahead with the gym and kindergarten classrooms.

Will we be tearing down any of the houses we own next to the school property in order to restructure parking?

This is not part of the plan at this time.

Approximately when will the new building be finished?

The plan is to complete the 2019 project in December of 2019.

How will the project effect the students and staff when school is in session?

Knutson Construction, our general contractor, is familiar with our situation and has a plan in place to make sure classes are disrupted as little as possible. When construction begins in the spring of 2019, they will begin with the school’s new addition, so as not to be working inside the current school building. When the school year ends, they will make the current school’s renovations their top priority. When the new school year begins in the fall of 2019, they will then finish the work on the addition.

How much money will we need to borrow?

That will be up to our building project supporters. The more money we have in hand when we start the project, the less money we will have to borrow. Our goal is to raise an additional $1.5 million from May 2018 until the time construction begins, then to retire the loan needed for the project. To achieve this goal will require the love of Jesus, the prayers of our congregation and supporters, the generosity of many, the hard work of our leaders, and God’s miracles. God can make it happen!