How to Give

When giving to the campaign, please know the following:

  • We are asking each household to make at least a three‚Äźyear pledge. A longer payment period enables members and friends of St. Paul’s Lutheran School to make a more significant investment than might be possible with a single cash donation.
  • All gifts to the capital campaign should be over and above your regular giving. Please do not take away from your gifts to our general fund to make a capital campaign gift.
  • All giving to the campaign is confidential. Only the staff who record gifts in our church office will know what you gave and they will respect the confidentiality of all.

In what ways can I make a gift to the capital campaign?

There are numerous ways in which you can make a campaign gift. Please consider the following options. We hope this information will assist in your decision making.

Cash, Check, Electronic Giving, or Giving Online

Many will make gifts and pay their pledge by cash or check. To make the process even easier, electronic transfer or online giving are available for all campaign gifts. A tax account or financial planner or financial planner can advise you on tax advantages of your gift(s).

Stock, Bonds, and Real Estate

Funding charitable giving with appreciated stocks, bonds, or real estate can be advantageous to the donor and school. In most cases, the donor will avoid paying any capital gains taxes while receiving a full value charitable deduction, and the school will receive a liquid asset. To claim all these benefits, the stocks/bonds/real estate must be transferred to St. Paul’s rather than selling them and donating the proceeds, which then turns the gift into an ordinary cash gift. A tax accountant or financial planner can advise you about the most advantageous way to make the transfer.

For those 70.5 years of age and older you can take advantage of a tax-wise IRA rollover gift. You are required to take minimum distribution and doing so in support of the campaign or St. Paul’ Lutheran Church and School can have tax benefits.

Life Insurance

Some people have accumulated cash in insurance policies that they can give to the capital campaign or they may name St. Paul’s as the beneficiary of the policy.


Farmers may have tax advantages when they transfer commodities to St. Paul’s. Please consult your tax-advisor for more information.


Although not an immediate gift, consider including St. Paul’s Lutheran School in your will or estate.

Member Loans (coming in 2019)

In early 2019 St. Paul’s will begin accepting member loans. We encourage members interested in the loan program, to manage their assets in order to make a loan possible. Look for more information in months to come.