A little stuck? Need some help finding your way around our library catalog?

When you follow the link to the St. Pau's catalog on Library Thing, you will see a page that looks like this:


Notice that you have several options for sorting the titles and changing how things look. You can sort by title, by author, and you can change it from a list view to a cover view. In the upper right, look for the box that says "Search this library" to find a specific book or author.

When you select a specific book, or look at it in the list, you will see this:


Notice on the right the sequence of numbers and letters. These numbers and letters are the “address” of the book. The book shelves are labeled left to right with an A on the left shelf and moving right to the Z. Each line gives some information about the book.


BR - first line (general subject)

325 - second line (specific subject)

.F46 - third line (author or other information)

1981  - (year published)

When searching for your book start with the first line (alphabetic) and then the second line (numeric).