Below is a list of items that St. Paul’s ministry/school staff  and boards have chosen not to include in their operating budgets for a number of reasons. Yet, these items do have a potential good use at St. Paul’s as we carry out our ministry. If the Lord has blessed you with the means to give over and above your regular offerings given in love, consider a special gift to help make one or another item listed here possible. Or, if you are deciding how to direct memorials to St. Paul’s, consider a gift toward an item on the list below. For more info, please talk to our staff.

Church Wish List

High Priority

  • Upgraded Projection ($15,000)
  • Upgraded Sound System ($20,000)

Church Misc.

  • FIreproof Safe ($2,000)


  • Grand Piano ($25,000)
  • Memory for Main Church Organ ($10,000)
  • Timpani Set ($1500 - $3000)

School Wish List

HIgh Priority

  • School Improvement Fund


  • Add-on book shelf units ($200 each)
  • Uniform chairs for reading stations ($70 each)
  • Tables - collaborative learning groups ($150 each)


  • Interative whiteboards ($2,000 each)
  • Laptop compuers or tablets ($250 each)
  • Sychronized electric clock system ($2,000)
  • Hallway security cameras ($750 each)


  • Piano for school gymnasium ($5,000)
  • Orff instruments for band (xylophone, etc.) (Prices vary)
  • Acoustic shell paneling for concert performances ($3,000)

Athletics and Activities

  • Football helmets ($100 each)
  • Activity van ($40,000)

Playground and Building Exterior

  • Playground structure ($50,000)
  • Athletic field sprinkler system ($5,000)
  • Outdoor sign for exterior wall ($7,000)

Smaller Items


  • Battery eliminator and distribution box
  • Microscope
  • Triple balance beam scale
  • Balance beam and mass sets
  • Micro-slide viewer and slide sets

Early Childhood

  • CD players/headphones (need 2-3)
  • Small bean bag chairs
  • Books


  • Commercial paper cutter
  • Teacher stools with backs
  • Framed pictures
  • Printer (for school library)

Funds - Church & School

  • School Renovation Fund
  • Church Special Items
  • School Special Items
  • School Student Assistance Fund
  • TLC (for needy members & others)
  • WELS Special Offerings
  • School Library
  • Capital Fund (Special Facility Replacements or Enhancements)
  • School Technology
  • School Athletic