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Why Do We Need a School Improvement Project?
Our Proposed Project
Options for Giving to the Project
The Committees


We praise and thank our God for the many blessings he has showered on our congregation and school over the years. We are now at a point, however, where in order to meet the educational goals of our school we need to make some improvements to our existing facility. Our leaders and voters have reviewed potential architectual plans and settled on a direction in which we'd like to go. Our next step is a campaign to meet the financial goal to make this expansion of our facility a reality. 






The Committees

Campaign Committee

Building Committee

Kevin Yager (Chr.) Jeff Beilke (Chr.)
Sarah Gieseke (Sec.) Kathy Nelson (Sec.)
Tim Hoscheit John Apitz
Kevin Hulke Laura Balza
Amy Rich Karen Grunwald
Rachel Tacke Todd Hulke
Kate Tohal Jenny Jaspersen
Pastor Don Sutton (Co-chr.) 
Mike Plocher
  Jason Schaefer
  Ron Schmidt
  Jason Spurgin
  Greg Thiesfeldt (Prin.)