Among the blessings St. Paul’s has highly valued for almost 130 years is Christian education through our Lutheran School.  What makes the school special is that Jesus and his word are the foundation and focus of all we do there.  Our school is a great place for our children and grandchildren to grow in faith and knowledge.  Our school also provides opportunities to share Jesus and his word with other families in our community. Because of this, your leaders believe that it is not only time to renovate our school, it is also time to ask: “Is it time to build?”  The reasons, in addition to the above, include the following:

  • Changing Educational Needs:  There are factors in education today that weren’t so prevalent years ago.  More space is needed for small group and individualized learning especially in special education.  School can no longer pack large numbers of students in classrooms as was the case generations ago. We have after-school day-care and are looking at day-care for our Pre-kindergarten that we hope to expand to include three-year-olds, a standard in education today. 
  • Enrollment:  Add a growing pre-k with a future projected enrollment for kindergarten through grade 8 of almost 290, and in several years our total enrollment could be in the vicinity of 350 students versus our present total enrollment of 304.   There is also a growing interest in enrollment of their children on the part of non-member parents from our area.  In addition, there is concern about future viability of smaller area Lutheran schools that may further impact St. Paul’s enrollment.
  • Handicap Accessibility: St. Paul’s School is bi-level but has no elevator.  For the past 15 or more years our school has had children with physical handicaps but no way to get them from one level to another without taking them outside or carrying them up and down steps.  None of the present bathroom facilities are handicap accessible.
  • Safety:  There are concerns about traffic flow as there is much congestion as parents drop off or pick up students.  Delivery trucks can only access unloading areas via play areas.  There is also need for a sprinkler system and other needed safety features.  While the school kitchen generally meets health and safety codes, there are several features that need updates.  Science education, especially in the upper grade levels, is limited due to lack of lab space with adequate safety features.
  • Physical Education and Co-curricular Activities:  Expectations of schools today are that they will provide good physical education and added programs while at the same time providing space and programs for the arts.  This necessitates more gym and performing arts space.
  • Age of Our Facility:  43 years have passed since the completion of our present school facility.  While we have been maintaining our building, the time has come for a variety of maintenance and energy efficiency updates – new windows, flooring, heating and ventilation, bathrooms, etc. 
  • Office Location:  In view of the need for greater accessibility and today’s security measures, offices would be better located near a main entrance.