“I rejoiced with those who said to me, ‘Let us go into the house of the Lord (Ps. 122:1).’”

King David wrote these words as part of a hymn of joy over Jerusalem and the Tabernacle, the center of Israel’s worship.  David rejoiced over the opportunity to worship God with fellow believers.

As time passed the psalm was sung by many Old Testament believers as they journeyed to Jerusalem for the three great Old Testament festivals – Passover, Pentecost and Tabernacles.  In worshiping there these believers found hope, peace, strength, and …. joy.

Do Christians think the same thing today about worship in the congregation - “I rejoiced with those who said to me, ‘Let us go into the house of the Lord’”?

Sadly some may look at attending worship merely as an obligation to fulfill every now and then to remain in good standing.  So their worship is generally not joyful.  Others may see no need for worship because their hearts are in the wrong place.  Worshiping God and hearing his word aren’t a priority.

Yet many Christians would add a big AMEN to David’s words above. 

Daily they see God showering them with blessings they don’t deserve.  With their worship they say, “Thank you, Lord.”   They also see the need to hear God’s word to be reminded of their need for a Savior and that Jesus is the Savior they need.  These believers seek the comfort and strength God’s Spirit gives through the gospel in word and sacrament. They want the guidance God’s gives in his word. 

In worship many Christians find these blessings and like King David, they rejoice over these blessings. This is evident in positive comments below that St. Paul’s members have made about worship…

 “Everything in worship points me to God and the fact that he has a bigger and better plan for me than I could ever have for myself.  I like to hear that God loves and forgives me.”

“The music along with the liturgy and God’s word, inspire me for another week of life.”

“It’s encouraging when I look around and see other people coming to the same place, to do the same thing,  because we believe that same thing.”

“Not only do I like worship in church, I like getting together before and after church to meet new people and to talk with friends ”

“I like the cookies and the children’s sermons.”  

Today we Christians have the same reasons King David had - and more - to rejoice over going to the house of the Lord.   But not only do we have reason to rejoice often over going to the house of the Lord,  we also have reason to go often to the house of the Lord to rejoice.