Bible Information Class

With Pastor Scharf and Friends!

We all need Jesus and to know his love and forgiveness. This class is free, and you get a nice overview of the Bible’s teachings. It is a nice way to check out St. Paul’s Lutheran. Learn what the Bible has to say about God, his love for you, and his will for your life.


More classes will be announced soon! This class is taught in-person or online. Each class lasts 1 hour. The teacher remains after if you have any additional questions, but “the bell will ring after an hour.” If the announced dates/times don’t work for you, but you are interested now or interested down the road, feel free to contact Pastor Scharf.


St. Paul’s Lutheran Church (not at the school) is the location. 201 N. State. St. New Ulm, MN. Or email Pastor Scharf for the link to join online. Enter from the Northside - 3rd Street entrance - and the fireside room is on your left.

Bible Study

What to Bring

Yourself and any people who would like to come. We will give/send you class notes and gift you a Bible if you don’t have one. Pastor Scharf will do any reading aloud.

What to Do with Your Kids

We have childcare available during the Bible Information Class. Let us know ages of the children so we can be appropriately staffed.

Sign Up For Bible Information Class!

Call Pastor Nate Scharf at 507-354-3641 or complete the form below. God bless!

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