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Amazing Race 2023 Time for Teams to Register

Registrations for this year's Amazing Race are starting to roll in. What an exciting way to support the School Building Project - by having fun! Put your team together before it's too late! Team registration is due by Tuesday, January 31, but since space is limited, registration may close early. Don't delay and risk not being able to race! Register your team of 4-7 people here: The participation cost is $10 per person and includes a ticket for a free taco in a bag lunch. All ages are welcome and encouraged.

Not racing? Everyone can participate in school events on Race Day, February 5. There will be cupcake decorating, lightning basketball, and bags! We are looking forward to seeing you there!

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Capital Campaign Donations

Providing a Christian education to students is our top priority. We appreciate your support of our staff, students, facility, curriculum, and mission. Thank you!

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Phase III - It's Time: Equal Sacrifices from Thankful Hearts

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    … in Unleashing the Collective Power of Small Gifts

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    … in Embracing the Impact of Major Gifts

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    “The Lord has done great things for us, and we are filled with joy.” Psalm 126:3

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As a congregation, we have a great opportunity to proclaim our joy as we continue to offer gifts of thanks to the Lord. We are currently in a campaign to pay down our mortgage for the beautiful school project that was finished in January 2020. We encourage all of our families to consider helping us reach our goal of $1.75 million during the next phase of the It’s Time Campaign. Consider a three-year commitment whether it is the combined power of small gifts or an impactful larger gift.

Pray for our congregation and school. Consider how you can also help financially, as we remember what our dear Lord has done for us.

Phase II Successful Completion! Thank you!

The second phase of the school project campaign began on 5/1/2018 and was called Time to Build. There were no home visits. However, a new campaign booklet was prepared and sent to all our members, encouraging them to pick up campaign packets and return commitments. 99 donors committed $400,000 resulting from the effort, and by early March of 2021, members have given just under $4 million, with more gifts expected by the end of the campaign.

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