Cemetery Information

St. Paul's Lutheran Church Cemetery

Find information about the St. Paul's Lutheran Church Cemetery including burial records, cemetery rates, cemetery lots, and more.

Burial Rights

Burial rights can only be sold to St Paul’s and St John’s members or congregations in fellowship with us. See current By-Laws Section 2.

St. Pauls Lutheran Church Cemetery

Cemetery Rates

For one burial place the cost is: $700.00

Note: One burial place will accommodate : one full burial or two cremations

Interment Services

  • Full burial $700.00
  • Single Cremation $450.00
  • Double Cremation $600.00

Winter Months

An additional charge for snow removal and thawing of ground for the winter months as needed.

  • Full Burial $200.00
  • Cremation $200.00

Monument Spotting Fee

All monuments to be set will have a $50.00 charge payable by the monument company to St. Paul’s Lutheran Church for location of the monument.

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