Scrip Gift Card Fundraising

How Scrip Works

Shop 750+ top brands including grocery, gas, restaurant, and retail options and earn up to 20% on every gift card you buy. Of the rebate amount, 60% will go towards your choice of St. Paul's Lutheran Church General Fund or St. Paul's Lutheran School Building Fund and the remaining 40% will go towards your choice of the following: Individual Family Tuition, Tuition Assistance Fund, School Band, School Wish List/School Reserve, Church Special Items or Church TLC. Orders of physical gift cards are no longer being placed on a regular basis due to increased shipping costs. We will put an announcement in the weekly e-newsletter when there is an opportunity to order physical gift cards.

Option 1:

Purchase gift cards in St. Paul's Church or School office and a percentage goes back to help support the church or school!
The gift cards below are available for you to drop in and purchase during office hours. The percentages in parenthesis indicate the rebate amount.
Kwik Trip $25 and $50 (5%),
McDonald's $10 (10%),
Subway $10 (4.5%),
HyVee $50 (3%)
Arby's $10 (8%).
Please know that retailers may be subject to change based on rebate and availability, but we will do our best to keep the list up to date.
Of the rebate amount 60% will go towards your choice of:
St. Paul’s Lutheran Church General Fund
St. Paul’s Lutheran School Building Fund
(you could also choose to have 100% of the rebate go to one of these funds)
The remaining 40% will go towards your choice of the following:
Individual Family Tuition
Tuition Assistance Fund
School Band
School Wish List/School Reserve
Church Special Items
Church TLC

Option 2:

Purchase E gift cards online at Raise Right (formerly ShopWithScrip) or in the Raise Right app at any time.

If you are new to ordering this way, please contact St. Paul's Church or School office for our enrollment code, and make sure to email [email protected] with your rebate choices.

Note: E-gift cards that are paid for directly from your bank account are available immediately. 

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