Advent Devotions

Devotion – Intro to Advent

The word “advent” in Latin means “the coming.” That is why during the season of Advent we are looking forward to the second coming of Christ as we get ready to celebrate his first coming on Christmas. Ever since Christ left the first time people have looked forward to his second coming, or second advent, which is going to occur on Judgment Day at the end of the world.

We Can Stop Crying

Have you ever stood next to someone who is crying because they just lost a loved one and you wondered what to say? You wanted to say something, but what? Maybe you’ve had to explain to your young child the death of Grandpa or Grandma. How do you explain the death of a Christian to them? What can you say that will comfort them, what can you say that will make the crying stop?

Jesus is Coming


It used to be that when businesses or organizations provided info on where to find them or how to contact them, the info involved an address and phone number and that was it. Now a days such info includes an email address and more often than not, a web address so that people can find out more about them.

Lord, Make Me Faithful

You might be asking yourself, what has Daniel in the Lions’ Den got to do with our celebration of Reformation? But some of us might also be asking, “What’s the Reformation?” Well, what better moment to talk about these things than right now?

God So Loved the World

It’s not a lot of fun when you don’t totally understand something – especially when everyone else seems to get it. I felt this way a little bit last Sunday morning when I was visiting with the 3, 4 and 5 year old Sunday School children. I was asking them what they wanted to be when they grew up, and I was getting normal answers, like policeman, fireman, dad, mom, farmer, and then one of the little girls answered, “Elsa.” Thinking I just didn’t hear her right, I asked, “What?” And she repeated it, exactly as I heard it the first time.

Contagious Christian Part 5 - Contagious Message


Last week Pastor Smith emphasized that in being a contagious Christian, it is important to have a contagious story.  This is a story that tells about God’s gracious working in your life. The Apostle Paul certainly had one in Acts 26. 

These stories pique the interest of the unchurched and set them up for the law-gospel message of the Bible.

Contagious Christian Part 3 - Contagious Relationships

Are there any jobs or professions out there where it would seem to be impossible to have that job and also be a Christian? How about drug dealer? Abortion doctor? In Jesus’ day, it was tax collector.